There is a way around this if therubyracer is being pulled in by execjs. You can set an environment variable to use the system js binary, which is in Fedora by default.


Then you don't need the racer.

In general, though, execution of JavaScript from Ruby is annoying. I have high hopes that DynJS or Nashhorn (JVM implementations) are going to help solve this problem. Easier to invoke Java (esp in JRuby) than deal with compiling libv8 cross platform.


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On Apr 11, 2013 5:00 AM, "Bohuslav Kabrda" <> wrote:
Some of them should not be needed at all:
libv8 - This is used by therubyracer as far as I know. The system libv8 is used for therubyracer instead and if there is other need, it should be used there as well.
This is unfortunately not true for new therubyracer versions. therubyracer now depends on libv8 again and libv8 can either use its bundled version of v8 or the system one [1]. So I guess we will end up with rubygem-libv8 eventually.


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