Kanarip's packages were reassigned or orphaned. From those orphaned, I think these two should find new owner, since they are in dependency chain of some other packages:

* rpms/rubygem-columnize

needed by rubygem-byebug

* rpms/rubygem-fattr

needed by rubygem-session <= rubygem-rr



-------- Přeposlaná zpráva --------
Předmět: [fesco] Issue #1771: Unresponsive maintainer: kanarip
Datum: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 09:47:33 +0000 (UTC)
Od: Till Maas <pagure@pagure.io>
Adresa pro odpověď: reply+f99c300c5522427dece4b2dfa3b4762e6a1ba404ac95c7403fb1cd1651cccc383c190bb352ddd69c0de3c1e7ff028ffdbdf1580d2d8aa97c1dc927f2f802220b@pagure.io
Komu: vondruch@redhat.com

till added a new comment to an issue you are following:
libkolabxml and libkolab went to @tpokorra and the other packages as follows:
Giving rpms/dh-make to sergiomb
Giving rpms/facter to gchamoul
Giving rpms/grib_api to jdekloe
Giving rpms/jansson to jirka
Giving rpms/libkolabxml to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-GO-TermFinder to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-Net-IMAP-Simple to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-Net-Telnet to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-XML-FeedPP to orphan
Giving rpms/perl-XML-TreePP to jehane
Giving rpms/publican-genome to orphan
Giving rpms/puppet to skottler
Giving rpms/python-ldap to johnp
Giving rpms/revisor to orphan
Giving rpms/ris-linux to orphan
Giving rpms/ruby to mmorsi
Giving rpms/rubygem-arrayfields to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-attributes to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-builder to tdawson
Giving rpms/rubygem-columnize to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-cucumber to mmorsi
Giving rpms/rubygem-facets to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-fattr to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-ferret to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-gemcutter to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-git to stevetraylen
Giving rpms/rubygem-hawler to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-highline to tdawson
Giving rpms/rubygem-main to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-markaby to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-mocha to skottler
Giving rpms/rubygem-pervasives to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-picnic to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-polyglot to vondruch
Giving rpms/rubygem-rack to jaruga
Giving rpms/rubygem-rake to vondruch
Giving rpms/rubygem-restr to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygem-reststop to orphan
Giving rpms/rubygems to vondruch
Giving rpms/rubygem-shoulda to tdawson
Giving rpms/ruby-RRDtool to orphan
Giving rpms/spin-kickstarts to vpavlin
Giving rpms/sysklogd to orphan

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