There are some of them already undergoing review:

awesome_print -
backports - - though I am not sure if we should continue with this one, since it brings nothing new to Fedora
bootstrap-sass -
faraday -
rails_best_practices -
ruby-progressbar - There is rubygem-progressbar, which seems to be the same library: there was also rubygem-ruby-progressbar review: - Although this one was deferred, not sure if we should not name the gem by upstream
spork - - This was deferred
stringex -
yajl-ruby - - This is blocked by upstream a bit :/

And there are some which are in Fedora already:

facter -

And also others, which are not yet in Fedora, but they are packaged by their upstream, such as Foreman. The Katello Koji instance [1] might be good source for packages like that. Katello guys are eager to get their dependencies into Fedora as far as I know.

Some of them should not be needed at all:
libv8 - This is used by therubyracer as far as I know. The system libv8 is used for therubyracer instead and if there is other need, it should be used there as well.
rb-fsevent - This is Mac specific gem. It is useless on Linux. And that is exactly the thing which is problematic for collaboration with Ruby community :/ It is very probably dependency of Spork, so it should not be needed anyway. In the worst case, Spork can use polling by default.

And also, please note that you are listing also the development dependencies, such as Spork. Spork is no way needed for run-time nor build-time. It is pure development tool, which allows you to run your test suite as soon as you save some changes. We should eliminate such gems from the list. Not that we don't want them in Fedora, but just because they are out of scope for this project IMO.



Dne 11.4.2013 11:36, Dan Allen napsal(a):

Absolutely fantastic write-up. This is exactly the type of update that starts the effort off on the right foot and gets the community behind it. Thank you for posting.

I just went through the process of packaging a few gems, so *if* I have time, I'd be happy to grab a few from the list and get them packaged or do reviews.

Best of luck!


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Hello everyone! It's been over a month since I last wrote to this list
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I managed to make a blog post of the story so far[0], any feedback
welcomed :)


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