Dne 21.10.2013 16:35, Mamoru TASAKA napsal(a):
Hello, all:

With a lot of help from Vít and test by Josef wrt gem2rpm, I am going
to update rubygems on rawhide and F-20 to 2.1.9. As far as I tested,
it seems to be going well. Please fetch and test it, thank you.

Note that on F-19 rubygems will stay with 2.0.x (currently 2.0.12)
and on F-18 1.8.x (currently 1.8.25 with patched).



I have to look into:

+#  1) Failure:
+#TestGemExtBuilder#test_build_extensions_extconf_bad [/home/mtasaka/rpmbuild/fedora-SCM/rubygems/master/rubygems-2.1.9/test/rubygems/test_gem_ext_builder.rb:94]:
+#Expected /\/usr\/bin\/ruby: No such file/ to match "/usr/bin/ruby extconf.rb \n/usr/bin/ruby-mri: No such file or directory -- extconf.rb (LoadError)\n".

Pretty annoying bug :/