El lun, 11-03-2013 a las 16:27 +0100, Vít Ondruch escribió:
Dne 11.3.2013 16:12, alejandro Perez napsal(a):

Hello list,

I wanted to upgrade on of my package and read the packaging guidelines for f19 which take out
ruby(abi) requirements in favor for ruby(release)  but I'm getting this message

rubygem-sequel has broken dependencies in the rawhide tree:
On x86_64:
        rubygem-sequel-3.45.0-1.fc19.noarch requires ruby(release)

Yes, you need to build them with --targed f19-ruby as of now, e.g. fedpkg build --target f19-ruby. Please note that this information is valid until the f19-ruby target is merged back to the rawhide, which may happen probably today or tomorrow.

Please also note, that if you would specify BR: ruby(release), it would never happen that you could build your package in wrong target. May be we should clarify it in Guidelines, I am not sure.

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