Is it possible to have an alias to a rubygem rpm or are there exceptions to the rule that it must have the rubygem- prefix.

I ask in relation to two packages.

The first is rubygem-asciidoctor.

This package provides both a Ruby library and a system executable. It's a drop-in replacement for the asciidoc package (in most common cases). People are expecting to be able to install an RPM named "asciidoctor", just a few characters extra from "asciidoc" and get the RPM. Instead, they have to be aware it's a rubygem and type "rubygem-asciidoctor". Is it possible to have an alias package in this case like in Debian where it will install rubygem-asciidoctor when you request asciidoctor?

The second case is a new package I'm submitting named Awestruct. This is not a Ruby library at all, but strictly a system executable. Do I have to name it "rubygem-awestruct" or can I name it simply "awestruct".



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