In the code of delta lease, the host checks the leader_record with offset by its hostid.


If the resource_name was the same with the current value of hostname, write the timestamp directly.


Code lists here:

         if (!strncmp(leader.resource_name, our_host_name, NAME_ID_SIZE)) { //the same hostname

                   log_space(sp, "delta_acquire fast reacquire");

                   goto write_new;



However, the uuid was changed once the host was reboot or the daemon was restart. In this case, the delta would waste 20s because of the difference with the uuids in the same host.

Code lists here:


         uuid_unparse_lower(uu, uuid);




If the uuid that was invariant in the same host, and different in different hosts, 20s would be saved.


The system uuid in the dmidecode is a better choice. What do you think about this?