On 06/29/2011 07:48 PM, Dominick Grift wrote:

On Wed, 2011-06-29 at 15:07 -0400, Marcos Ortiz wrote:
Regards to all the list
Where I can find the new features introduced in Fedora 15 and 16 on the
SElinux base policy?
- Bugs fixes
- Support of new applications
- New applications to make the System Administrator's work more easy

I need this information because I'm preparing a talk about "Advanced 
PostgreSQL Data Protection with SELinux", so
I want in that moment to comment these new features.

Any advices is welcome.
Thanks a lot for your time

I usually find out whats new in various ways:

1. See the policy git repository for new commits ( bugfixes and support
for new applications) 


2. See the policycoreutils. libsepol, libmanage, checkpolicy changelogs
for the "user land" related changed.

3. See the nsa.gov selinux maillist archives for SELinux changes in the

4. Keep an eye on dwalsh' livejournal blog. He will often touch on new
interesting features.

5. Keep an eye on the tresys.com refpolicy maillist archives for changes
to policy upstream

Some of the things that recently added that i can come up with is:

moving /selinux to /sys/fs/selinux
read policy from /sys/fs/selinux/policy
named file transitions
audit_access capability permission
various new policy module
semanage --equiv option

and everything else i forgot...

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