Rituraj Goswami be holdin':
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Ahoy! Be me matey on ye olde Facebook, Or walk th' plank!
Ahoy Fedora,
I sent ye a bottle to come aboard to Ye Olde Facebook many moons ago and want ye to know that once ye comes aboard, we'll be able to send bottles o' messages, rob glances at eachother's portriats, and set sail for grog fests, and more.
Thank ye,
To join the Ye olde Facebook ship, climb aboard below deck:
Spy on other pirates that be demanding ye join ye olde Facebook:
Vincent TangVincent Tang
42 mateys
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Utica, NY
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fedora-selinux-list@redhat.com was shown aboard the jolly ship Facebook by Rituraj Goswami. Stab 'ere if ye arrr mad wi' these messages in bottles an' don't want them in the futurrrr.
Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303