Hi all,

I am running a daemon process (C++ program) on RHEL 6.6 with SELinux enabled. This process eventually executes "rsync" to do file-copy operation. It is failing with following error:


rsync: change_dir "/home/foobar/source/" failed: Permission denied (13)
rsync: ERROR: cannot stat destination "/mnt/other_volume/testData": Permission denied (13).


Question: Why is rsync failing with this error? I checked permissions of "source" and "target" and both have permissions for the user.

Other testing data:

1) I tested this with "SELinux" disabled and rsync succeeds.

2) I tested this with "SELinux" enabled and launching process from terminal. In this case "rsync" works fine. So, it looks like it is something to do with "SELinux permissions" to process which do not have tty?

3) On other system RHEL 6.8, SELinux enabled, process as daemon: rsync works fine. I compared SELinux configuration of both these systems, but couldn't find anything to reason it out. If you need, I can attach SELinux configurations.

Thanks in advance,