Am 14.02.2017 um 05:16 schrieb Sachin Gaikwad:
Hi all,

I am running a daemon process (C++ program) on RHEL 6.6 with SELinux enabled. This process eventually executes "rsync" to do file-copy operation. It is failing with following error:


rsync: change_dir "/home/foobar/source/" failed: Permission denied (13)
rsync: ERROR: cannot stat destination "/mnt/other_volume/testData": Permission denied (13).


Question: Why is rsync failing with this error? I checked permissions of "source" and "target" and both have permissions for the user.

To start troubleshooting a SELinux problem i normally start with the aureport.

To get AVC message report about what has been blocked by SELinux within the last 10min:
sudo aureport --avc --start recent

Detailed messages for the last 10min:
sudo ausearch -m USER_AVC,AVC,SELINUX_ERR --start recent

3) On other system RHEL 6.8, SELinux enabled, process as daemon: rsync works fine. I compared SELinux configuration of both these systems, but couldn't find anything to reason it out. If you need, I can attach SELinux configurations.
so the easiest solution is maybe upgrade to EL 6.8 and get all the current (including *security*) updates?

- Thomas