I must be missing something in my understanding of selinux but I'm having problem where the root user can not change the selinux type of a directory.  I am running in targeted mode.

I was experimenting and changed the type of /tmp/bah to "unconfined_t".   I am now unable to either delete the directory or to change the type back to "tmp_t "

chcon -R -t tmp_t /tmp/bah/

Results in:

chcon: failed to change context of `/tmp/bah/' to `unconfined_u:object_r:tmp_t:s0': Permission denied

Audit2allow is suggesting "allow unconfined_t self:dir relabelfrom;"  but I don't want to apply that because it seems that would allow all unconfined files/processes to relabel themselves, is that correct?

Thanks for any tips.


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