I have no experience with building BSPs, but from what I understand the most important choice would be the Linux distribution used.
Generally, aside from security policy and userspace tools (https://github.com/SELinuxProject/selinux), which you should be able to compile and use just about anywhere, SELinux needs kernel (https://github.com/SELinuxProject/selinux-kernel) and file system support (see for example https://wiki.debian.org/SELinux/Setup#Prerequisites:_filesystems for more details about support in debian based systems).

Have a great day,


On 10/13/20 12:50 PM, Ashish Mishra wrote:
Hi Vit ,

Thanks for replying back on same.

a) We are in the initial evaluation phase .
      As you said will look at the details you shared.

b)  Will it be possible if you can please ,
      Share the approach in case we don't want to use Yocto or any such tool.
      Like older bsp which was build using makefiles .
       This can give me few more pointer's to understand the standard process in better way.

Apologies if these are too obvious question .
Since I am still at evaluation I wanted to have understanding of approach as per community.

Thanks ,
Ashish Kumar Mishra.

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