Hi All , 

Good Morning .

I was trying to get FEDORA SELINUX policy on our custom BSP 
Can the team please let me know their feedback / comments / inputs  on the same .

Below is the description of what i am trying to do :
1) We are having a custom BSP ( Yocto / Buildroot ) for one of our products. 
    This BSP doesn't have SELINUX on it as of now. 

2) I can find the policy ".te" file at https://github.com/fedora-selinux/selinux-policy-contrib ( approx 1005 files )
    But unable to understand the process of adding these policies to my custom BSP.
    Is there any way we can add these Fedora SELINUX policies to our BSP ?

3) Is there any standard way of bifurcating these ".te" files or 
    one has to make use of all of these as a standard practice.

Please feel free to seek any details or clarification from my side . 
Also , do let me know if I am missing any aspect here or mis-understood something  completely . 

Thanks ,
Ashish Kumar Mishra