> Do we have anyone on this list that have reasonable experience with
> setting up SQL databases ?
We have database rpms which provide running database servers for our systems.
They are trivial specs that just do simple stuff like...
chkconfig mysqld on
service mysqld start
But, they are invaluable in that it's done the same install on every server in our network.  If they were done well they also have hooks into iptables and whatever else was needed to secure the system. (this is where roles come in role:intranet vs role:internet)
I'd love to have this capability in the base release. So, I would not have to manage these myself and as I've stated many times: I am no expert in databases nor security. 
Have any of you tried to install wordpress.  It makes me sick that they just don't install a default database configuration right out of the RPMs.  It raises the bar too high for many and puts a lot of burden on the application developers to build nice install scripts for every case out there.
It could be as easy as...
Requires: database(running)
Requires: webserver(running)
wordpress_install_database %database
wordpress_install_webserver %webserver