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El nov 23, 2014 1:43 AM, "John Unland" <> escribió:
Hello everyone,

I have been talking with Stephen about a DE for F22 and he has given
me a green light for proposing just that so here it goes:

Objective for proposal:

-To implement a desktop environment for F22 Server.

-Let the user have a choice for going to a DE or bare CLI.

-Have a GUI toolbox to diagnose hardware and networks.

Justification for proposal: The addition of a DE to F22 (x86) would
give system admins a choice of going to headless or use GUI interface.
Additionally many companies do not have the resources to have rack
cabinets or extra machines to access the Cockpit (Most of these
companies are small businesses). Also there are some software packages
that need a desktop interface to install such as Bitnami
( or Oracle Database, this not only applies to
open source software but proprietary software which mostly installs on
a GUI interface.

Sidenote: Even the Windows Server has a GUI and if you want to go to
just a plain CLI then you can do that. So why not Fedora Server?

Implementation: Wayland as a display server with KDE or Gnome (per
Server SIG's suggestions) as the default DE. Most of the applications
if not all will be removed including widgets and any fancy graphics.
Also this would be a great opportunity to apply some GUI tools such as
Wireshark to the DE.

Notes for KDE: KDE's "Netbook Workspace" might be a good starting
point to have since it's designed for "Quick-use", might be minimal
enough for a server environment.

Alternative DE: I would also like to propose a LXDE or LXQt as a
alternative DE because both KDE and Gnome are both heavy DE's in terms
of RAM and widgets / flair. Also there stripped enough that they will
do the job just as well as a heavily modified KDE and Gnome.

That is all, the floor is open to anyone. I am very open to
constructive criticism.
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