Data should be written only once, on the bottom of the page we can have small icons that links to additional info, if not readily available on the front page.

Small steps at a time.
Jan (FAS copperi)

From: Peter Smith <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 8:19 AM
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Subject: Re: Ongoing Fedora website revamp - FEEDBACK needed!
Hi guys,

Agree with the points made. Making the links to the iso and other pages (wiki, docs etc.) clear and easy to find should be the major priority. I'm with the others that I've used linux a lot over the years, downloaded a ton of distros to try out, and I don't remember any of their websites (with the exception of Manjaro, but only because that made my homepage in Firefox the Manjaro page and I never got round to changing it).

In terms of information about Fedora Server, I think all we need to aim for is a small overview of why Fedora Server is a good product to try out. My feeling is that most people who are going to run a server already are pretty literate with the basics of linux and don't need their hand held. Thus, the information on why to use Fedora server here would make sense to include. This sells the product to experienced people pretty well and I think is accessible enough to people with a smallish background in servers to get them interested.

I don't know if we need much more than this, and there is a case to be made for having all this on one page.

@pboy: I can see the desire to have the contact information, how to get involved, and the user story but I wonder whether this isn't information that's already available elsewhere and makes more sense where it is. There's already contact information on the server site. Putting it up in multiple places simply means more places to update, and consequently more places to *forget* when we update and a bigger chance of outdated and conflicting information. Also, with the user story, perhaps the 'new to Fedora' idea is going to be handled elsewhere on the website after the upgrade. I understood from Máirín's proposal that this was the beginning point of her F-model. I don't know how many people are going to use Fedora server without first knowing Fedora generally, but at least some of this can be covered by (a) the 'why Fedora' stuff linked above; and (b) a more prominent presence in existing Fedora locations (e.g. the magazine).
TL;DR of the above: good ides, but haven't we already got places where this information is? If so, we should consider the benefits of putting them somewhere new before replicating them, or moving them to a new place.

All the best,

On Wed, 27 Oct 2021 at 05:12, Matthew Miller <> wrote:
On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 01:49:09AM +0200, David Kaufmann wrote:
> This escalated a bit more than planned, and most of it doesn't concern
> anyway, but maybe this is useful nonetheless.

Yeah, I think it's definitely useful. What I'm hearing is:

* sysadmin / ops folks looking for Fedora Server are probably going to most
  appreciate a no-nonsense approach to getting images and getting working,
  without a bunch of apparent marketing fluff.

As a former sysadmin, this definitely makes sense. I do think we need some
place to clearly articulate "why Fedora Server?" — including, I think, how
to get involved in this SIG to make a difference.

I'm quoting out of order here, but:

> Everyone I know who uses fedora has gotten a recommendation from a
> colleague and a short verbal explanation already on how to replace an
> operating system and where to get the necessary files, usually then also
> assistance for the first steps in the installed system.

... unless we can get _every colleage in the world_ to recommend Fedora
Server and do these first steps, we need some kind of stand-in where those
other colleages are for some inexplicable reason failing. :) How can we do
this, without getting in the way of the above?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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