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>> I don’t know if there is a potential problem. Some time ago, if I remember correctly it was Neil who wrote in a discussion about storage that a software RAID is no longer possible, because - so my memory - the biosboot partition is not replicable over multiple disks. So if the previous boot disk fails, you can't just boot from another disk.
> Last time I checked this particular configuration of /boot on multiple
> drives in e.g. a raid1,10,5,6 - on BIOS firmware only, Anaconda issues
> the grub2-install command pointing at all the member drives making up
> /boot. Whether MBR or GPT, the proper GRUB core.img is installed on
> each. So any of them will get you to at least a grub rescue prompt.

Did you test that?

That's what i just described.

If I remember correctly, without the biosboot partition in place, a bios system doesn’t boot at all from a GPT disk. So you get a black screen.

Anaconda automatic partitioning always creates the required BIOS Boot partition. And in Custom, it complains if you don't. So yes, i created them.

The reality on UEFI is degraded boot isn't possible unless you're willing to setup ill advised janky nonsense. Like using mdadm raid1 n-copies for n-drives for the ESP. 

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