"Dan Horák" <dan@danny.cz> hat am 23. November 2009 um 14:29 geschrieben:
> the new layout looks really better then my original, but I have few
> items for discussion:

Thats good to know

> - the X/GUI column needs some explanation what it exactly means

Yeah, thats really true. But dont know how to go the middle way between too much information and too less. I think the easiest way is to explain it in every section.

> - would be nice to have information about all live releases (like F11
> and F12) and rawhide, probably by creating 3 sub-lines for every package

that i think we should put on an seperate page wich describes the service. If you see MySQL is currently linked on the package page, i think we could link it to an Server_Overview_<service> page which tells more on the versions in the last two (so f12, f11 currently) releases.
But i really do not know if this would be to much pages.
So maybe we split i into Packages (Mysql, etc) or we better split into services (Databases etc.) 

> - column for notes, useful for example in dnsmasq - "only dbus-libs
> required, dbus itself can be stopped"

but for one services (package) this would work, dont know how it would look like if other packages come around.

> Dan
> > kind regards
> > Jörg