> Subject: [URGENT] Flock session + PRDs
> So, there are two sessions happening at Flock that are of high urgency for
> discussion:
> The first is the State of the Server Union talk, which I originally
> proposed and
> which was going to be taken over by Jon Stanley, except he was
> unable to secure
> funding to go. It would be best if someone else on the Server WG whowill be in
> attendance would volunteer to take over, but in an absolute pinch, Ican do it.
> However, I have been out of the loop, so I'm going to need the WG to come up
> with a set of topics that they want highlighted (otherwise I'm going
> to wing it,
> which might not be flattering).

I will be at FLOCK and can do this. How long is the time slot?
> The second important piece is the PRD update (recently announced, but it was
> supposed to have been on the schedule by default since the Council
> decided that
> last year). Given that quite a bit has changed in the Server space in the last
> year (not least the life-support status of rolekit), I think a deep
> conversation
> needs to happen on what space the Server wants to occupy. I'll also attend the
> PRD session at Flock, but I would *really* like to see any of the WG that is
> present for the conference in there as well.

I will make sure to be at this as well

Mike Wolf