On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 2:55 PM Gabriele Trombini <g.trombini@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello team,

I'm taking care of the Talking Points for the F27 release.

As usual the Marketing group is asking for the news for each section in the related wiki page [1].
This group did a great work on release 26 and we need the same now for the 27.
Of course we would like having not only a mere list of features, rather a general idea of the best and greater changes to allow each part of the project, specially Ambassadors, to take this into account to promote the new release. Is there anyone in the server group which is able to help on this?

The major piece of this release is the rewrite to basing Server off of Fedora Modularity. Besides that, there will be incremental improvements to Cockpit and FreeIPA.