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I'm organizing this event : Fedora Server Roles and CentOS Simple
Linux Server

I'd like to find out your availability. This link will show you my
proposed times. All you need to do is click on when is good for you ...


The plan is to discuss the design of the Fedora Server Role API with
the CentOS SLS folks so we can make sure to accommodate their needs.

Is this to be a get information from CentOS people about how they use servers and what the common API could be done to work with them or something else. Also where would this API work ? EL-5, 6, 7 or 8? The reason I am asking is I expect these would be the questions various CentOS people would have from the getgo and it might be better to define it versus have them show up at a meeting and then leave as it starts when the meeting isn't covering stuff they wanted to deal with. 

Stephen J Smoogen.