On 17 June 2014 16:02, Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> wrote:
I've revised the release criteria draft again, with reference to the
useful discussions both on-list and at this morning's meeting:


I added the firewall exception for the Cockpit web interface, clarified
the issue about role deployment "at install time", and added new
criteria for the cockpit management interface to be running OOTB and for
roles to meet their "functional requirements, as defined in their role
specification documents" - role specification documents being something
I invented out of my ass at the meeting this morning. View that one as a
trial balloon. :)

As always, thoughts / comments welcome!

OK. First of all, where could I 'test' any of these things on a Fedora 20 system. I haven't seen a lot of discussion on list about how someone could see current code and I am always leery of hail-mary code drops where developers being the overly optimistic people they are don't see that the real deadline coming up until its 23:59. I am not trying to be negative nanny here... I just don't know if any of the items on that list are possible without a bit more knowledge of what code there is.

Now if this discussion is on another list.. sorry that I didn't know this, (and if it has been mentioned that I need to be on otherlist even more apologies). 

Stephen J Smoogen.