Since the takeover of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, I'm sure most people are aware that Solaris SPARC is no longer an option for an OS for your trusty SPARC & Ultra-SPARC based machines. I installed Fedora 12 SPARC on my Sunfire 280R a year or so ago, and with much searching around on the web, (besides here) I finally managed to get a working, although limited and somewhat broken, install.  I have several questions that will determine if I'm able to keep using this machine on my network, or if I should just use it for a boat anchor. I would really like to keep it up, but there are a lot of issues to be resolved, and the few questions I asked on this mailing list, plus some pertinent questions that other people asked, seemed to show that information was not very forthcoming from the folks that are working on the development of this distro.  I fully realize that this project is not a primary objective of the developers involved, and is more of a spare time project, but taking that into consideration, it would be nice to know if there *is* going to be any more development on this platform, since Fedora is now racing toward the F15 release, and we're still treading water with a beta of version 12. My questions are as follows:

1. Is there a plan to follow through with development on a new release in the near future?

2. What are the current *working* repos & GPG keys that will allow me to do Yum updates?

3. Is there another info source on this project besides this mailing list and the Fedora SPARC wiki (which has been over a year since an update)?

Any info relating to the above would be appreciated. :-)

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

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