Greetings, my name is Jose Santiago Burgos and I'm from El Salvador, i do hope that you can do your activities as usual

The reason of my mail is that while I was downloading an XFCE Fedora Spin for a friend, i tought and ask myself: "Why we cannot have another special spin given the popularity of some recent Desktops Environments (DE). I mean with MATE and Cinnamon

I don't know if this is the place where I should ask you guys for it. But i would like to see some extra spins based specifically in these 2 DE's, right now I'm using Fedora 17 with the Cinnamon Desktop, and besides some minor bugs, this has become my favorite DE as well, and i tried to install in the distributions i can (I use Linux Mint too). But i propose you to create some new spins that can contain Cinnamon/Nemo and Mate/Caja to make possible to have some more options. I you need a number of signatures i can do all the possible to get it as well

I don't know if you can answer me the soonest as possible with an answer (positive or negative) just to know if it's possible and what can I do to make it real (also if i have enough time to propose it add it to Fedora 18 or 19 as well)

Thanks and have a nice day

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