On Aug 15, 2012 6:33 PM, "Bruno Wolff III" <bruno@wolff.to> wrote:
> In the past we used to wait to branch spin-kickstarts until almost the next release. This was because it avoided having to do commits to two branches (in most cases) and with very little work being done specifically for the release past the next one.
> For F17 we did the branch close to when the release branched. It was anticipated that some F18 work would be going on before F17 was released.
> There didn't appear to be many issues as a result of this change. People seemed to remember to commit to both branches. Git makes this easier than perhaps it would have been under CVS. We did have one case where a merge of master back into F17 was done instead of cherry picking, but that wasn't too hard to fix.
> Given that background, what would people like to see happen for F18?
> I am slightly in favor of branching now, but if most want to wait until some F19 specific changes are needed, that would be OK with me.

I'd prefer to branch too please.

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