Can you paste how exactly the ldap_uri line looks? I presume you would
like to try the service discovery first and if that fails, fall back to
a hardcoded hostname. In that case, ldap_uri should say:

ldap_uri = _srv_,

Ok, I have omitted the _srv_. I know the configuration is not logical, but SSSD should bind to But it does not - it tries to do _srv_ lookup anyway. It is a small bug, but it should be fixed I think.
2. SSSD is unable to detect default Kerberos realm as per /etc/krb5.conf - I have to configure it manually

3. Why do we actually need to specify Kerberos realm and KDC? Isn't /etc/krb5.conf supposed to record these kind of parameters?
I think this has both historical (we used to say you don't need
/etc/krb5.conf at all with SSSD) and practical reasons - there can be more
SSSD domains with different realms and KDCs at the same time.
I can not agree with that statement for 2 reasons:
1. Man page says:
       krb5_realm (string)
           Specify the Kerberos REALM (for SASL/GSSAPI auth).

           Default: System defaults, see /etc/krb5.conf
2. We do need /etc/krb5.conf as the whole rest of the OS (automounter, openldap library, Kerberos tools) depend on it.

So I believe it should work the following way:
If no realm specified, take it from /etc/krb5.conf
If no default realm in /etc/krb5.conf defined, derive it from dns_discovery_domain parameter.
If no dns_discovery_domain parameter specified, derive it from our default domain (i.e. the way it works now).

How does it sound?


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