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Is there any reasoning why is the library libsss_autofs:
1. not installed automatically along with autofs (the lookup_sss.so module, an integral part of autofs, is not functioning without this library)
2. If there is a reason for it, then why is it put in the optional repo? I mean, both sssd and autofs are in the main stream repo so I do not quite understand why is just this library in the optional repo.

It is an optional integration point.
So far we do not require everyone to start using autofs + sssd integration.
What if you use autofs but do not use sssdfor example you use nss-pam-ldap? We can't put it by default, at least not now as SSSD and this integration is not that widely accepted yet.

What do you mean by not working? Autofs requires it and fails to operate in any configuration or the SSSD integrated configurations is not working?
If the former it is bug if the latter it is how it should be.


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