only thing I see about password expiration in logs are
confdb_get_domain_internal] (0x0100): Setting domain password expiration warning to 14 days
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [dp_get_options] (0x0400): Option account_cache_expiration has value 0
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [dp_get_options] (0x0400): Option ldap_account_expire_policy has value ad
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [dp_get_options] (0x0400): Option ldap_connection_expire_timeout has value 900
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [dp_get_options] (0x0400): Option ldap_connection_expire_offset has value 0
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [sdap_get_map] (0x0400): Option ldap_user_shadow_expire has no value
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [sdap_get_map] (0x0400): Option ldap_user_krb_password_expiration has no value                                  
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [sdap_get_map] (0x0400): Option ldap_user_ad_account_expires has value accountExpires
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [sdap_get_map] (0x0400): Option ldap_user_nds_login_expiration_time has no value
./sssd_internal.domain.tld.log:(2021-02-11 18:43:58): [be[internal.domain.tld]] [sdap_get_tgt_recv] (0x0400): Child responded: 0 [FILE:/var/lib/sss/db/ccache_internal.domain.tld], expired on [16

This is what I see in domain controller

pon., 15 lut 2021 o 11:13 Paweł Szafer <> napisał(a):
yes, typo, sorry. It's valid till 20.02.2021.
Unfortunately I cannot find anything about password expiration in the sssd logs.


pon., 15 lut 2021, 11:08 użytkownik Tomas Halman <> napisał:

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 6:22 PM Paweł Szafer <> wrote:

> User has password valid till 20.02.2020 and yet I don't have any warning.

Is that just a typo?  20.02.2020 is a year ago...

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