On 02/19/2013 05:01 PM, Scott Classen wrote:

sssd appears to bind successfully, but when it tries to fetch user information id balks. Here is a snippit from the log file immediately after the successful bind.

(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [simple_bind_done] (0x0080): Bind result: Success(0), no errmsg set
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [fo_set_port_status] (0x0100): Marking port 389 of server 'mymachine' as 'working'
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [set_server_common_status] (0x0100): Marking server 'mymachine' as 'working'
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [sdap_get_generic_ext_done] (0x0040): Unexpected result from ldap: Protocol error(2), Dereference control: attribute decoding error
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [sdap_x_deref_search_done] (0x0100): sdap_get_generic_ext_recv failed [5]: Input/output error
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [sdap_deref_search_done] (0x0040): dereference processing failed [5]: Input/output error
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [sdap_nested_done] (0x0020): Nested group processing failed: [5][Input/output error]
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[be[SIBYLS]]] [acctinfo_callback] (0x0100): Request processed. Returned 3,5,Group lookup failed
(Tue Feb 19 13:49:14 2013) [sssd[nss]] [nss_cmd_getgrgid_dp_callback] (0x0040): Unable to get information from Data Provider
Error: 3, 5, Group lookup failed
Will try to return what we have in cache

ldpasearch works fine:

ldapsearch -x -D "uid=nss,dc=mydomain" -b "dc=mydomain" -w secret "cn=somegroupname" -LL

and produces copious information about all the members of "somegroupname"

this is causing a major headache as a simple ls -l will hang the system.

What is the version of SSSD and what kind of directory it uses?
It seems, based on the error message, that LDAP server supplies a deref control that SSSD fails to parse. Is there something special in your LDAP server or something changed recently?
LDAP search might work OK because it does not try to process the control.

Is this an issue that suddenly started to happen or it just does not work out of box?
In either cases the reason for this is most likely on the server side.
Is there any way to get more info from the server side about what kind of control was actually sent?


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