We have autofs working great with sssd thanks to support of this listserv.

Though during testing we noticed that only home directories, for users who had previously logged into a given server, were cached by the sssd client.  Can sssd cache autofs for all users in our directory even if they haven't recently logged into a server?

Here's our current config for autofs portion:

autofs_provider = ldap
ldap_autofs_search_base = ou=autofs.maps,cn=server,ou=machines,dc=blah
ldap_autofs_map_master_name = autofs.maps
ldap_autofs_map_object_class = automountMap
ldap_autofs_entry_object_class = automount
ldap_autofs_map_name = ou
ldap_autofs_entry_key = cn
ldap_autofs_entry_value = automountInformation
ldap_deref = always



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