Hello All,

I'm experiencing ldap servers load problems when using Fedora 20 with sssd/ldap
to authenticate users. Last year we were using Fedora 18 with sssd/ldap too, our
sssd config remains unchanged. So, what is happenning :

- sssd is always searching for users in the ldap directory. Seems that the cache
  is always considered as empty or to be rebuild

Seems to retrieve all users (30 000 inside !) when the systems boots, when a user get
logged and also when a user logoff ! As a bonus, sssd load the cpu as follows

27937 root      20   0  245308  22892  21888 S  16,0  0,3   0:09.81 sssd_nss                           
27935 root      20   0  245908   8296   6804 R  11,6  0,1   0:07.86 sssd_be

Attached the log file with debug=9 and also our sssd.conf.

Any help would be appreciated.