Thanks a lot, i'll do.

On Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 15:53 Vipul Siddharth <> wrote:
On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 3:42 PM Maze Runner <> wrote:
> Thank a lot for the clarification. I want to take part as a student in this year GSoC and want to start contributing in fedora projects . Does the early contribution helps in GSoC ?
It depends on what a mentor is looking for, but if you have been
contributing, that means you have proven your skills
and if you actively involved in the community means you have already
finished 1 GSoC prerequisite before the coding period starts. So I
will say it definitely helps in showcasing your work and to attach it
with the proposal that "you have worked on similar things before",
makes your chances better.
I must say, it can very much depend on the mentor but one thing for
sure, nothing bad will come out of contributing (duh) so why not go
with it :)
> On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 3:25 PM Vipul Siddharth <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 3:12 PM Maze Runner <> wrote:
>> >
>> > My name is sundaram dubey,3rd year cse student at HBTU. I want to contribute in fedora , i know angular , react and flask . CAN you tell me where to start and also a question: do fedora use github if yes please provide link.
>> Hi Sundaram.
>> Mixed messages there :)
>> Do you want to contribute to the Fedora Project? or is there a query
>> for GSoC.. your subject and the content are 2 different messages :)
>> If it's the former, I am very glad to see your interest.. I recommend
>> joining #fedora-join@Freenode or @fedora-join on telegram. There are a
>> lot of amazing people there who will help you get started. This list
>> is for people to converse or ask questions about GCI/GSoC and
>> Outreachy.
>> If it's the latter, you are in the right place, can you please tell us
>> your query more clearly? Do you want to mentor a project based on
>> these technologies? or you are interested in projects with this stack.
>> If you want to mentor, please come up with a project and submit a
>> ticket at [0]. If you want to participate as a GSoC student, you need
>> to wait until we are out with the list :) Till then, It would be
>> awesome for you to get started with a contribution (follow the
>> previous paragraph).
>> Now your last query, check [1]
>> [0]
>> [1]
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