Thank you for your interest in being a GCI mentor.
We already have the number of mentors we wanted. Now we are only
accepting the members who have been part of the Fedora project for
more than a year (contributor/community member).
If you have been a member or if you are confident that you know the
platform/project well enough, please fill the form [0] and we will get
back to you soon. Else, I hope to see you around the project as a
contributor and looking forward to working with you hopefully next
year in a summer coding program :)

All the best

[0] https://forms.gle/iVdv7GJRC9t8YG75A

~sent via mobile phone, excuse any typo or formating errors.

Fedora - CentOS CI Infrastructure team
Red Hat
m: vipul.dev

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019, 9:41 PM Bhupen Pal <bhupen16pal@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi! I am Bhupen Pal, I am a philomath and an inquisitive engineering student, currently pursuing my B.Tech focused in CSE(2nd Year) from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. 

This is regarding my application for Google Code-in.

Being a skilled web developer who loves to contribute to the open-source community, I have gathered good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Node.js and other technologies used in web development. Other than this I also have sound knowledge of C++ and Data Structures.

So far, I have got the opportunity to work with the following: 

  1. Edudictive as a Full Stack Web Developer
  2. Dazzling Wheels Co-Founder and CTO

Apart from this, I have also mentored in workshops provided by SkillFreaks (a product of Edudictive) in a batch of 70+ college students. 

I would like to take up this opportunity to represent your organization as a mentor for Google Code-in. It would be highly appreciated if you consider me for the same.

Note: Attaching my resume for your reference. I would love to hear back from you.

Thanks and Regards,

Bhupen Pal

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