I was seeing the keyword description page at bugzilla, there are 2000+ bugs already with Triaged keyword, looking some ones I noticed all is against rhel components, is this already used by rh? there is some problem with this.

Just a observation.


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On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> wrote:
This is a follow-up to the Semantics decision.

We took a final(ish) decision on this in the BugZappers meeting today.
We decided to go with a modified version of the second option under

We will switch from indicating triaged bugs by setting status ASSIGNED,
to indicating triaged bugs by setting keyword Triaged. We will do this
for bugs in Fedora 13 onwards (this is the change to the proposal): the
change will be activated on the day the main Rawhide repository starts
getting Fedora 13-destined packages, and will apply only to bugs filed
on F13+ from that time on (F12 bugs should still use the ASSIGNED

I will take care of the necessary nuts and bolts for this change, and
post a reminder to the list at the time it actually happens.

This gives us some time, so if anyone has any serious reservations about
this, please speak up and it could potentially be re-considered.

The vote at the meeting was 4-2 in favour, with Matej Cepl and Edward
Kirk opposed. Their objections were noted at the meeting, but in the end
they agreed not to let their objections block the proposal entirely.

Adam Williamson
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