Elton Woo wrote:
On October 28, 2003 03:49 pm, Mike A. Harris , <"Mike A. Harris" 
<mharris@redhat.com>> wrote:

We are not going to make ugly hacks for software installed
outside of rpm context.  It defeats the entire purpose of rpm in
the first place, and opens the door for 10000 other software
companies out there to request and expect special treatment and
hacks for their software too.
I see your point, and I agree with you totally. FYI, the nVidia drivers
are no longer installed via rpm, but an "all-platform" *.run
 ... I guess I'll have to live with it until nVidia update their drivers to
work with the newer kenels. No major heartbreak, but an annoyance
nonetheless, to have to do those two steps, each time  ...
Huh? what do you mean "work with newer kernels"?

Joe - happily running 3D accelerated nvidia on fedora!