First of all,

Thank you for making Fedora Linux great.  And, I am sure the QA team's contribution is essential to keep Fedora in high quality distribution.

My name is Raymond Chung, and I have been in the industry around 15 years, but I still feel that I don't know enough.  I used Linux since I was in college.  I started with RedHat 5.5.  I used it through Fedora 3, and switched to Gentoo, and FreeBSD, and, Ubuntu, and settled back to Fedora since Fedora 17, (I guess).  

My best interest is Kernel testing.  Whenever I run into a kernel issue, such as driver, or performance, I couldn't solve efficiently, or basically give up.  I want to know more about kernel, and recently joining QA team might be a good way to get more experience with kernel.  

Outside of working with computer, I play music.  I love rock music, but jazz and classical are my interests, too.  

Feel free to reach me.
I am glad to be part of QA team.