On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 1:11 AM Adam Williamson <adamwill@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
Hi folks! So I've had this action item at meetings forever now:

"adamw to try and clarify intent of "default application functionality"
criterion regarding arches"

That's referring to
, which kinda reads at first glance like it's excluding Workstation
aarch64, but that isn't the intent. The intent is that we require the
specific list of application types to work on all release-blocking
desktops and arches, including Workstation aarch64. Beyond that, we
require *all* installed apps to work on Workstation x86_64.

I think it'd be clearer if we write the criterion in the same order as
my explanation above. So I propose we revise it to:


For all release-blocking desktop / arch combinations, the following
applications must start successfully and withstand a basic
functionality test:

* web browser
* file manager
* package manager
* image viewer
* document viewer
* text editor
* archive manager
* terminal emulator
* problem reporter
* help viewer
* system settings

If there are multiple applications of the same type (e.g. several web
browsers), the primary/default one must satisfy the requirements. If
the primary/default application can't be determined, at least one of
said applications must satisfy the requirements.

Additionally, for Fedora Workstation on the x86_64 architecture,
'''all''' applications installed by default must meet this requirement.


Thoughts? Is this an improvement? Anyone have a better idea? Thanks!

Fine by me. I was considering just using some bold formatting in the original version, but this might be still a bit better.

However, you dropped the "that can be launched using the standard graphical mechanism" phrase used in the original version. I wonder if people might then start arguing about applications which are installed but not visible in the menu (there might be some, even though I don't have a concrete example). Especially regarding the "all apps installed by default" part. You might want to integrate the phrase also into the new version, or add a footnote clarifying that only apps accessible "graphically" count. Or do you think it's a non-issue?

Also please note that that section also contains:
"All applications installed by default in Fedora Workstation must comply with each MUST and MUST NOT guideline in the Applications and Launchers policy."
which should stay included, I believe. I assume you omitted it for readability reasons. This would probably be kept at the very bottom, like now.