Works fine for me. Update gone exactly as described

2008/9/9 Jesse Keating <>
We're quite close to releasing the transition fedora-release package to
bring users of Fedora 8 and Fedora 9 to the new updates location with
the new key.  However we're seeing some mixed results in our limited
testing and thus we'd like to open it for a wider testing audience.

In particular we're looking for users of PackageKit on Fedora 9 to test
this, as our yum and pirut results have been pretty rock solid.

To test, you will need to modify your fedora-updates.repo file in the
[updates] section, comment out the mirrorlist url, uncomment the baseurl
line and make the line read:


(note, if you have updates-testing enabled, you should disable it during this test)

Save the file and initiate an update with PackageKit (System ->
Administration -> Update System)

This should show you 5 or so updates:

Once these updates are installed, you'll have a new set of .repo files,
fedora-updates(-testing)-newkey.repo.  These repo files will be pointing
you to mirror manager to find mirrors that have all the newly resigned
updates as well as some new updates you haven't seen before.  PackageKit
should automatically notice these updates a few minutes after installing
the previously mentioned 5 or so updates, and prompt you to install the
rest of them.

This is where things get dicey.  Once PackageKit downloads all your
updates, you'll be prompted to import a new key (see for currently used keys).  After clicking
yes to import the key (after you verified it) the PackageKit dialog will
disappear while it does the import, and it should come back, or at least
the panel icon will come back to indicate that it is trying once again
to install your updates.  The update installation /should/ succeed,
that's what we're looking for.

You can monitor all of this activity with 'pkmon' on the terminal, which
is a good idea because if it fails for you in some way, the output from
pkmon during the failure will be important to resolving the issue.

Please keep good notes if you experience failures and capture

Known problems resemble something like or

Thanks everybody for the testing!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!

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