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7. People vote by submitting comments containing VOTE +1/0/-1 on a separate line (and including any justification or feedback they wish in the comment as well; the command has to simply be on its own line so that we can detect it well).

The VOTE must be only +1 or -1. Indecisive people do not need to put that down, they just can do nothing.

The idea behind voting is that we can distinguish people who abstain from the vote from people who haven't voted yet. The summary at the top of the issue (populated by the bot) could look like this:

Voting summary:  +2,1,-1
  kparal (hyperlink to comment)
  jskladan (hyperlink to comment)
  lruzicka (hyperlink to comment)
  lbrabec (hyperlink to comment)

Commented but haven't voted yet:

Because Pagure supports Markdown, we can create pretty summaries that actually contain links to where each individual provided their comment, without overloading the content with hyperlinks. We can also easily see who's missing from the vote, or perhaps mistyped their vote and hasn't been counted. The overall vote summary is displayed in the same format FESCo uses for voting "(plus votes, ambivalent votes, minus votes)".