Elton Woo wrote:
Newbie (and perhaps stupid) question: is there a way to remove the
nVidia GL, so that one can keep the Mesa ones? ... Or am I obliged to
continually remove the latter? As it stands, there two steps necessary
whenever I get rawhide updates: 
1) re-run the nVidia installer whenever the kernel is updated
2) remove using --nodeps whenever XFree is updated (since I can't
update without including the Mesa-libGL package...

... or am I asking the impossible / unreasonable?
Sure, if you'd rather do software rendering with mesa, just uninstall the nvidia drivers and reinstall mesa-gl.

I dunno though, let's see, mesa-gl = 0.1 fps for q3a, nvidia = 100 fps for q3a...

I think I'll go with the nvidia gl, and that is my final answer!