>The VOTE must be only +1 or -1. Indecisive people do not need to put that down, they just can do nothing.

Haha. In defense of 0, there is a long history of "abstain" votes. There may be a proposal that someone doesn't support, but also doesn't want to stand in the way of progression, i.e. it's better to move forward with something they don't fully like, than it is to be a stick in the mud.

Well, I don't really see a difference between "voting 0" and "doing nothing". Kamil's idea to use it to see if people have or have not voted yet makes some sense to me.

I agree that it is better to move forward somehow, but I think that voting 0 is exactly the way to get stuck in the mud, as you are saying. In my opinion, if I want to move things forward, they way to go is to vote +1 (or -1) even if I am not fully convinced. It is necessary to make a decision. Voting 0, in my world, means that I absolutely do not know which way I want to support and therefore doing nothing is the same as voting 0.

As I already said, I support this asynchronous meetings, so this one only is a cosmetic thing and having a zero will not block me to use the system my way.

Chris Murphy
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