Thanks for your view.

On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 3:45 PM Richard Ryniker <> wrote:

desktops to work with multiple displays on erery architecture.  It is
desirable, yes, but this sounds like a QA attempt to control development.

No, this is not a QA attempt to control development. This is a reaction to a bug proposal that
aspires to become a blocker for Fedora 34 Final (see
Actually, behaviour like that does not violate any criteria, so theoretically there is no way how this could
block the release, but we somehow feel (at least I do) that such behaviour is a nasty thing and should not
happen on a mature system which I believe Fedora is.

Your criterion should be limited to hardware that works in single display

I think two displays is a reasonable limitation.  Even with that, test
coverage will be extremely sparse - there are just too many devices to
make tests of different combinations practical. (If we cannot test it,
we should not claim a release meets a criterion.)

I agree, therefore my conservative criterion only suggests dual video cards (I hope
I have understood the term correctly and dual video cards are cards that enable two monitors)
or an external monitor output (like a laptop would have).

You probably would agree that one external device (in case of a laptop) or two monitors (in case of a desktop)
is a reasonable expectation where people need to connect projectors, external monitors, etc.

If I can install three graphics adapters in a machine, and each supports
four displays, would you require that I can run 12 displays on each
desktop?  Lovely if it works, but too rare a use case to be a blocker, or
even to test on a regular basis.

That is why I have put the draft here to collect views and suggestions, so if you believe you could help
with the exact wording to exclude the above situation, please go ahead.

Thanks, Lukas

Slots capable of driving a graphics adapter are very limited, but what
about USB devices?  With a few hubs, I could connect scores of displays,
and your criterion asserts they will work.
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