On 11/16/05, Tom 'spot' Callaway <tcallawa@redhat.com> wrote:
It was exactly one year ago today that we had our last release (Aurora
Build 1.92), so it seems only fitting that I announce this today:

We now have a full tree of sparc packages that match up pretty closely
to Fedora Core 3. But here's the best part: This release comes with
bootable installable ISOs!

For those of you who have no earthly idea what I'm talking about, allow
me to explain. The Aurora SPARC Project is an effort to support SPARC
(32 and 64 bit) hardware on Linux. Specifically, we rebuild Fedora Core
for SPARC.

Why do we do this? Because we can.

And now, we have a beta for our 2.0 release, which is based off of a 2.6
kernel. Before I tell you where you can get it, here are the known

* On Sun Blade 100s, non-LVM installs will complete, but the system will
not boot. I have no idea why this is occurring.
* I was unable to get sound to work on my SPARCStation 20 (dbri).
* Sometimes, LVM installs die trying to run lvcreate.
* There is no SMP kernel for sparc32.
* The following machines have horrible ide controllers:
SunBlade 100, Ultra 5, Ultra 10
Accordingly, the installer needs to boot with the following option in
order to succeed on these machines: ide=nodma

I'm sure there are lots of other fun bugs lurking in there, but those
are the ones I know about. As you find bugs in the beta, please file
them at: http://bugzilla.auroralinux.org/

Where do you get this thing?

Primary Download Site:


Hopefully, the few mirrors who didn't believe we were dead will get this
sync'd up eventually.

Thanks to all the folks on #aurora who put up with the massive delay and
helped me as we finally got this thing together. Once we get any major
bugs caught and fixed, we'll call it 2.0 final, and move on. :)

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Awesome news Tom!

To bad  I have a Sun Blade 100 under my desk at home... =(
Any know issues with Ultra 60's?

Thank you,