Hi all,

My name is David Terrey, also known as Bjorn Njordsson. I am 31 years old and been an System Administrator and IT Support for just under 8 years.
I am happy to dedicated as much time as i can to the Fedora Bug Triage Project and to offer my services where possible.

I'm a kiwi, with Scottish and Swedish history. Born in New Zealand but recently moved to Australia, Brisbane to chase my goals and dreams in becoming an employee with Red Hat.
I'm currently studying Java, LPIC 1 and learning about Openstack, Openshift and Docker.

I've used Linux on and off throughout the years. Mandrake was my first linux distro i used, 13 years ago now.
My usual hangout spot is Geekologie, Distrowatch and gizmodo.

I will do my best and hopefully one day, put this down on my CV which would count towards a job at Red Hat.



David Terrey.