On þri 17.des 2013 04:26, John Dulaney wrote:

So, I am with Adam on this one (I'm not a mod?).  I've been +1 for this
idea for quite some time now.

Johann, I've been around for a long time, even longer than Adam, and I don't
remember the original purpose for the QA group; I do vaguely recall James
Laska telling me it had some purpose or other when I asked him about it (oddly
enough so I could be in more than the CLA group).  

Purpose and a fact of being "elitist" group which caused more harm then good in the QA community and what I'm worried about is that Adam is resurrecting it for other then purpose after he joined the WG's.

If we agree it serves only the purpose to allow QA members to overcome other limitation in the project and we ensure that it will *only* serve and being used for that purpose I'm fine with resurrecting it but as soon as Adam or any other RH employee starts to mutilate it to serve it's corporate purpose we put it down.