did You Try "Aktivitaeten" - "Hilfsprogramme" - "Bildschirmfoto" and set the time to take the screenshot to some seconds, or longer. I don't know if this is helpful and working in Your situation, or a silly idea. If this screenshot is not blocked by the behaviour You described.
Kind regards

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Betreff: Re: Taking a screenshot in GNOME (or other) desktop during a app menu is open. How to?

On 10/23/16 11:41, Joachim Backes wrote: > Hi all, > > having a problem in F25: I need to take a screenshot on a gnome (or > other) desktop (no wayland!) with alt+print or shift+print keys, during > some application menu of some window is open, but nothing happens. How > can I achive this? > The menu should be included in the screenshot. The screenshot is > performed flawlessly if the menu is closed. > > It seems that this is a X11 problem. > > All comments are welcome. > > Kind regards > > Joachim Backes > Could solve the problem with gnome-screenshot and a delay value > 0 Joachim Backes -- Fedora release 25 (Twenty Five) Kernel-4.8.3-300.fc25.x86_64 Joachim Backes <joachim.backes@rhrk.uni-kl.de> http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~backes/ _______________________________________________ test mailing list -- test@lists.fedoraproject.org To unsubscribe send an email to test-leave@lists.fedoraproject.org