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self introduction
by Kjartan Maraas
11 years
Re:Willing to start the Kannada Localization Team
by shankar prasad
11 years
Re: web/flpweb,1.64,1.65
by "Piotr \"Raven\" Drąg"
11 years
[Bug 423241] New: {kn-IN] Need to add a Translation Team for fedora localization into Kannada
by Red Hat Bugzilla
11 years
Release Notes goof
by Paul W. Frields
11 years change in
by Domingo Becker
11 years
help: make error on release-notes
by Hyuugabaru
11 years
Request for Maintainer/ Coordinator for Kannada Language
by Ragavendra
11 years
I want to be the maintainer for persian (farsi)
by Ehsan Golpayegani
11 years
Some rough plans/thoughts on L10n, Transifex and Everything
by Dimitris Glezos
11 years
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