On Sat Nov 29 2014 at 5:53:41 PM Alick Zhao <alick9188@gmail.com> wrote:
First, the letter case. Actually I see "Fedora Cloud Base image" on
the new website [1], "Fedora Cloud base images" on the wiki page [2],
and "Fedora Cloud Base Image" on fedoramagazine and cloud trac [3]. I
wonder which is the correct spelling.

I think 'Image' in [3] is a typo, which should be image, and 'base' in [2] is also a typo, which it should be 'Base'.

Second, should the term be translated or not?

Besides, there is a "Cloud Base Images" on the new website [4]. I
guess it should be translated. Am I right?

I guess Cloud Base should be left untranslated.  While Image(s) can be translated.