Hi everyone!

My name is Raph and I would love to contribute to Fedora from my hometown Paris. I think the way to start for me will be translating Fedora content into French.
My FAS username is bandango and I'm an astrophysics student. I'll be working on general relativity and it's simulation and I do quite a bit of programming for numerical physics. It used to be in Fortran (yeah I know!) and I'm moving to Python now (phew!). That's why I would also like to contribute to Fedora Labs (most notably Astronomy and Scientific) but until I get used to working with the community and all the atmosphere, I would love to translate to French for Fedora.

I've been running Fedora and the GNU/Linux tools for about 4 years (with one interruption for Ubuntu at some point for a couple of months) and it looks like I'm sticking around with Fedora now! My KeyID is 10CEE491.

Would love to here from you all,